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Christianity in Taiwan: A Call for Prayer

Based on my observations and reflections on a recent visit to Taiwan, I extend the following call for prayer from all Christians. continued »

What Is Love?

What Is Love? Perhaps we should ask, rather, What does love do? continued »

Reaching Chinese Worldwide: The Book

A few years ago, I began writing monthly letters based on the theme of reaching Chinese around the world with the gospel of Christ. These have been expanded into a book, Reaching Chinese Worldwide. continued »

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Devotional Message

The Limits of Prayer (1)

Really, Jesus? Why, then, do so many prayers seem to fall back from heavens of bronze? Why does God remain silent while millions cry out in anguish? So much suffering, so little relief, even for believers! continued »

  • 1 September 2013
  • Verse: Matthew 17:20

RCW Newsletter

Counseling Chinese

Offering a listening ear, sympathetic heart, and godly counsel provides one of the best opportunities for communicating the truth and love of God to Chinese. continued »

About China Institute

China Institute is a charitable and educational organization dedicated to reaching educated Chinese – and through them, all of Chinese society - with the whole counsel of God. learn more »

Spotlight on Taiwan

Learn more about the spiritual needs of Taiwan and how you can pray for this small but important island.

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