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China Institute is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. For your convenience, there are many ways that you can contribute to what God is doing through the China Institute:


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Appreciated stocks may be assigned to China Institute. Write or call for more information.

China Institute Funding Opportunities

Updated on November 2, 2010

  • Operating expenses:

    Like most Christian ministries, China Institute has suffered a significant decline in donations this past year. To make up the difference between income and expenses, additional gifts are needed.

    2010: $ 8,000
    2011: $30,000

  • Conference attendance:
    To equip both Chinese and Western Christian leaders to serve more effectively among the Chinese, attendance at several meetings each year is essential. These conferences include gatherings for China ministry leaders in this country and overseas, as well as both theological and missions conferences. For more information, please write or call.

    2010: $1,000
    2011: $4,000

  • Travel by the Director and others:
    To stay in touch with out CI Partners, Wright Doyle must occasionally travel to visit them and see their actual situation. In 2009-2011, trips are needed to South bend, Indiana; Honolulu, Hawaii; Cambridge, England; and Taiwan.

    2011: $4,000

  • Bookkeeping:
    Our bookkeeper is serving as a volunteer, but we would prefer to be able to compensate her for her excellent services

    2010: $1,000
    2011: $5,000

  • Publication of books:
    Even with traditional publishers, publication of books requires the expenditure of funds. Since this is a key aspect of our ministry, further resources would be most useful.

    2010: $2,000
    2011: $4,000

  • Office equipment:
    Our computer needs replacement. $ 600.

  • Greater presence in Asia:
    If finances permit, we believe that we should plan to spend several weeks in China in 2011, by Director Wright Doyle. We are also considering a longer residence in Shanghai by the Doyles in the spring of 2011.

    2010: $5,000
    2011: $12,000

  • Financial accountability:
    Hitherto, our small budget has kept us from applying to the Evangelical Council on Financial Accountability, but we now believe membership in this organization is important for us. They require a full financial audit, which we have not been able to afford in the past, but we plan to conduct one for 2010 and thereafter.

    2010: $2,500
    2011: $2,500

  • Please feel free to write or call us for further information about any of these projects and needs.

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